HAZEL 2021


2020 and 2021 have been a radical life shift on seemingly every level. Behind the scenes I am making preparations for 2022 and beyond, not only with my trainings and journeys for woman with my new Hazel Grace online platform, but my own personal practice of creation involves finishing my first novel ready for publishing, completing the journey of illustrating and writing my first oracle deck - The Soul Prophecy Oracle, and I am also launching a collection of my illustrations called ‘’Communication’’ onto the NFT market with my crypto agent…. Plus other exciting ventures.

Wow – writing about it makes me realise all the exciting things I have in the creative pipeline and how I look forward to sharing with you all in many different ways.

These are indeed exciting times, opening up the channels of creation once again! Feels great!!!

I’m also looking forward to bringing out my podcast by the end of the year. It’s not been an easy process to start emerging again after such a radical life shift … but I am doing it .. I am creating again and starting to show up into my life once more. It’s scary to come out sometimes … but I’m doing it and I look forward to  sharing more about all of this over the coming time.


I continue deepening my personal path of learning about nature and consciousness. The sacred and wild women's wisdom, learning from indigenousness cultures through ceremony work, shamanism and initiations, wisdom of nature, plants and the elements. As well as continuing to hold workshops and ceremonies to share this beautiful work of connecting our our bodies and inner wisdom as women. 

Nature is my teacher, opening me to the magic of life.

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