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Soul Prophecy Portrait

€369.00 EUR


Let’s meet in the garden of the soul

And let the stories be told

Journey beyond together 

And let the wisdom unfold


Together, may we see deeper, listen deeper and let the truth of our incredible soul wisdom be seen and come alive as we give an unconditional YES to our unique soul path and mission. That we come into the greater alignment of unity consciousness, we illuminate ourselves and shine our light to inspire others for radical transformation, may we live the purity of love, creation, divine union right here and now in this lifetime.

"My Soul revealed, in a journey of such power and softness. To travel, unveil and see ... incredible."   Selma - Netherlands

I create your art in a ceremonial process. I open up to what wants to be present in your portrait and bring into form the symbols, shapes and messages that appear when working with your image. I do not know what will come through for you. It is a process of surrender for both of us. Every portrait is different, like visual and energetic medicine. It is a sort of soul oracle reading for you through the creative process of art and words.



1:  Make your payment through this secure online shop.

2:  Email me with: 

- 3- 6 high res photographs of yourself to

- Your telephone number. As when the process begins, I will be in touch with you via WatsApp to communicate any information needed as part of the process

3: Allow 3- 9 weeks for the final artwork. 

Thank you for stepping up and stepping in as part of the creation of this Soul Prophecy Collection. Revealing more about the true you and be part of this astonishing process that is unfolding in the here and now of everyday life on every level.


€369 for your Portrait

For couples Divine Union Portraits - starting Autumn 2021 - contact me 

Your portrait will be added to the Soul Prophecy Collection unless you communicate upfront with me that it is a private portrait. 

As part of the collection, you agree to me using your portrait publicly, on the web, and social media and any future publications or printing, including an oracle deck. 

You will receive:

1: High-resolution digital copy of your portrait emailed to you, so you can you to print on your chosen format. 

2: Poetry or writing, channelled messages that come through as part of the creative process for you. Communicated in writing and recorded voice messages.

3: Communication with me during the transformational journey and creation process.

I look forward to working with you, not only to see what messages await you but to see how your gift contributes to the unfolding Soul Prophecy Oracle, the art, our lives and the collective consciousness of the Soul Prophecy.

Thank you and see you soon in the soul space



If you would like to commission a portrait that is not part of the public collection. Please contact me so we can arrange this for you.


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