The Monochronium Prophecy brings alive Hazel's story of art and life in this enchanting audio journey. For the first time available in this format, enjoy this beautiful collaboration between Hazel Evans and Momotempo's Timo Peach.

It's been twelve years since this journey began, when Hazel became Artist in Residence at Lighthouse Poole, the largest arts centre outside of London. During her five year residency, Hazel's life work was born and now in 2022, after a hiatus from this part of her art practice due to deepening her mentorship work with women, she re-ignites her voice and visionary artistry, inviting you to explore your inner world as she guides you with storytelling, song and spoken word.


In the last episode of his first season of Unsee The Future Hopeychattybits podcast, Timo meets Hazel, visionary artist, writer and mentor of sacred women’s wisdom. Discover the episode homepage HERE, including a video special with some extras coming soon, alongside a glimpse at the interview in the Sherling Studio of Lighthouse Poole.

Timo Peach meets artists, solarpunks and changemakers re-imagining the stories we think we're in.

In this tenth and final episode of the first series, Timo Peach meets the visionary artist, writer and mentor of sacred women’s wisdom.
A performer, illustrator and storyteller, she sees her life and art as a passionate process of creating and recreating, surrendering to the cycles of life. First visual artist in residence of Lighthouse Poole centre for the arts in Dorset, much of her work has been site-specific and collaborative, using outside and inside spaces to bring people together exploring inner landscapes of meaning. All of it, she says, an invitation for people to explore deeper truths of themselves.

She says: “When we connect into our innate source of inspiration, we tune into the universe”. It is, she adds, a: “web of infinite expression”.

She sees the role of the artist not simply as testifier or interpreter but in many ways as priestess, even alchemist, facilitating women especially to access their own innate creative intelligence and confidence.

“My deepest desire is for the expression I share to spark inspiration in you…” she says, “your story matters, your life is your own masterpiece.”

A key work she has been exploring now for over ten years is a narrative interpreting a deeply personal journey – The Monochronium – and it is this project that brought us together! A collaboration that is celebrating ten years of co-creation, playful production, storytelling experimentation, and brazenly celebrating each other’s unadulterated genius.

She is, my dear art mate, the one and only, Hazel Evans.


“When we collaborate we become synergetic, we all rise up together

and we come into some other form of magnificent creation.”

Hazel Evans


Coming soon for the release of the Monochronium Prophecy album on 30 May 2022, and celebrating 10 years of collaboration, Hazel Evans and Timo Peach share parts of their journey of creation, art and the deeper inter-weavings of life in this video documentation. 



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This extraordinary concept album takes you beyond meditation, song and storytelling. It invites you to take a journey; into the realms of your own being, and access a deeper innate intelligence within yourself.

“When we connect into our innate source of inspiration, we tune into the universe, and a web of infinite expression”.

The time has come to hear, feel and see again.

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